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Testing...1 2 3

I started writing this blog from so many angles in my head that I honestly don't know where it will end up. Will it be travel related? Personal? Will one of the kids have moved my stuff or Amber fried a piece of salt pork and passed it off as a pork chop. Similar to them field peas she made with extra extra extra salt. I ate them though. Cause honestly them thangs was good with my cornbread. She likes cooking together. Or watching me cook. One of the two.

My last post was about transition and this one is about life. I have so many things going on that I'm attempting to not be over run by them. I'm taking a few days to just breathe. Lay on my couch and just breathe.

We are attempting this move and my mind is literally Which doesn't work in the reality Get it? I'm dragging myself to work at a job that doesn't sustain me mentally/emotionally but feeds me and now them. I honestly can't complain except I'm human so I am. Song sang.

Travel is upcoming and I'm excited but in a "dang we could have put this money toward the big move overseas but then what's the fun in living like that excitement". And yes that was a hell of a run on sentence. Enjoy.

I'm planning other trips. Talking about other trips. Talking about taking folks on trips. Connecting with folks on trips. All while trying to build something that will support...trips. Thank you for reading. Click a blue link sometimes, please.

And it's really not trips. It's more than that. I'm expanding my view. Opening the door to a front porch that isn't mine. That doesn't resemble America, when I glance out. All because I think it's time. Time to really live. And that's not to say I haven't lived. Cause I have. I've been blessed at times, punished at others. All that to say, I got some stories for yo ass. I want more. From a different angle. And hopefully Wandering Soup and other things will allow this to occur.

I don't know why I'm bleeding on paper a little here but it feels like the right time before I move back into favorite travel bags, hotels and restaurants. Thanks for being a part of the start of something that could be anything.

My wife is probably reading this and thinking what about all in this baby, all in this. Thank you.

Be on the lookout for new things, new products, new books. Yep. I'm writing. Something. Let's see if you like it.


P.S. I haven't been in a selfie mode so excuse this tired as hell looking pic.

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