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Thanksgiving in Mexico

It's our second Thanksgiving or Turkey Day in Merida, Mexico and a anniversary of sorts of our first year and holiday in as well. So much has happened a lot of good, occasional bad and very little indifferent but its there. Mainly we've been living!

I don't think any of us knew what a year in Mexico would look like or really had high expectations outside of Merida "meeting our needs". And if I'm being honest those needs haven't changed, they have however grown deeper.

We moved here in the middle of a Panera for a number of reasons but mainly because it was open AND it was close to the U.S. Those reasons haven't changed for us. We've been back to the U.S. several times and it's been as easy and convenient as living in another country can possibly be. Add to that our families are making plans to visit us due to the ease of travel, all great things. Visiting and living this close again has also solidified in me that the U.S. is just not where I want to be at right now or the foreseeable future.

Merida is open and is becoming more so as we adapt to a worldwide issue that will more than likely not go away in my lifetime. I enjoy the little things here such as mask mandates and temp checks at entrance points to public facilities. I know others don't and that's on them. I don't know them personally...

In the year we've explored this little city, made great friends, formed a fantastic community and have eaten enough tacos for 10 people! I claim at least 8 of the portions.

In the middle of all this we grew. As individuals and as a family. Our son is enjoying Mexico though he swears he would be on the first plane back to Vietnam, we know better. He's made friends is involved in community and even takes guitar lessons.

Ambers business has to continued to expand and flourish and she is now turning down those jobs that don't suit her or her growth. Thank goodness for growth in discernment. On a personal tip she's taking care of her health, enjoying the day to day of living and naps! Can't forget the naps.

I'm taking it all in, letting myself be free of things that were hampering my growth and allowing love to shine on me. Next up is working on my health, I want to be here for a good and long time.

All this to say we are thankful. Thankful for being here, feeling welcomed and adjusting. Mainly for having the space to do all of these things with no worry. We've made it two years on this journey of seeing the world, finding self and small bites.

See you in the next year!


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