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My best friend the Bum Gun! | Wandering Soup

Disclaimer: There is mention of butts, genitals, poop and pee. Please skip if you don't want to read that. Now on to the blog!


Everyone in America is hoarding Toilet paper and I'm casually sitting on my toilet and enjoying the stream of water from my bum gun. I know some of you are asking what is a bum gun and my answer is it's the best damn thing since sliced bread!

But in technical terms and so you can get a more accurate picture:

A bum gun is a hand-held triggered nozzle that is placed near the toilet and delivers a spray of water used for anal cleansing and cleaning of the genitals after using the toilet for defecation and urination. The device is similar to that on a kitchen sink sprayer.

Seriously I go to the bathroom with a smile on my face knowing that not only will I get to use the bathroom and not worry about our possibly dwindling supply of TP, I will also be whistle wet clean when done.

Picture it, Atlanta GA, March 2020 and there is no more toilet paper in the land and everyone is worried...but you! Because you have the ultimate in bidets, you have a BUM GUN and as you freely do number 1 and number 2 you know that you can walk among humans knowing you don't smell like a child with a droopy pamper.

I'm going to miss bum guns when we leave SE Asia. I know I can get a bidet but I like to point and shoot. It's like a mini shower for my genitals. A pool visit for my nether regions. A cold shower on a hot day for my unmentionables.

I've told Amber that we have to have one installed in our next permanent home. She doesn't get it and that's sad. Really sad. But that's because she hasn't had a vagina toilet shower!

Get you one. Let the TP go!


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