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The Business of AirBnB'ing w/ LA Adams

For many months I've been noticing LA Adam's posts on Facebook as she spoke on growing her personal self and wealth. I was slightly surprised when she stated that she was in the business of AirBnB. Not surprised enough to not ask for an interview about being a part of this amazing industry. Below is our conversation. Join in, ask a question or two.


What brought you into the AirBnB business?​ How long?

-I was driving for Uber part time my daughter’s last two years of high school. One of the drivers started doing AirBnb and was very successful and started an Airbnb Facebook group to encourage drivers to start doing Air BnB for extra cash or as a primary money source. I joined the group and got the knowledge and started my own path. I have been at it for one year now.

What are your thoughts on it so far? Regrets? Wish you had jumped earlier?

-So far so good. I enjoy being able to dictate my own schedule and I really like putting together a great place for people to stay when they visit the Atl. Only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.

What do you like ​most/​least about this business?

-I enjoy staging the units, shopping for furniture and wow’ing my guests.

The thing I like the least is scammer guests or unruly guests who don’t take good care of your space.

​​What type of properties do you own?​ ​

-​​I am mostly doing apartments and Condos at this time. I will be focusing on homes in the fall in preparation for the Super Bowl which will be played here in Atlanta in February 2019.

Are most of your customers those who ​have ​heard of you by word of mouth or online?

-Most of the people who book are from the Air Bnb site. I do get quite a few referrals from friends and family who see my posts on social media.


Any odd requests from guests?

-I did have one guest ask me where he could buy some ass from. I’m not sure what about me indicated to him that I would know that..but uh…yeah.

Any horror or great rental stories?

More horror to be honest. Had a guest who booked my place downtown for one week for spring break. He showed up with 3 overgrown teenage boys and some chick who was obviously not their mother. They left my place in shambles. Stole sheets and towels. Left gummi bears stuck to the floor in almost every room, food crumbs on the floor, on the tables and counters. Several empty liquor bottles all over the kitchen and despite me telling the young lady to use the make up wipes I provided she wiped her face on all of my good white towels. I had to trash those towels after they left.

What advice do you have for someone considering getting started with AirBnB?

-I would tell them to sit down and create a plan. I would also recommend that they either read a book or consult with someone who is already in the business. This business isn’t difficult but it does require a certain amount of planning and money. It is important to know what you want to achieve and how much it will cost. I see a lot of people trying to do this but they haven’t planned properly to be successful. For example we have a host in the group who had done everything to get started. She bought a ROKU t.v. and some how forgot to get wifi…oh and the 1st guest was coming in 2 hours. I just don’t understand how that happens.

Are you concerned with the trend of outlawing AirBnB in certain cities such as Paris and Berlin? Or the regulations in New York and San Francisco? Do you think that will happen here?

-​​I am concerned and stay plugged into GA legislature. They have been working on a proposal for Atlanta where we would have to get certain licensing to be able to operate. I am ok with that. I just hope they don’t outlaw it.

Do you have time to travel yourself?

-Lately I do not have time to travel. I am so busy trying to grind and build my business up. But I am definitely going to take some time off soon. I need to even if it’s just a quick trip to a beach.

What do you look for in accommodations?

-Location is really important to me. I like to be close to whatever attraction that I am there for. Or if I am not traveling for an event I like to be close to shops, restaurants and museums. I also like to be centralized so that I am not too far from the airport.


Thanks LA! For those reading, if you are thinking on vacationing in ATL or visiting family but needing your space check out her listings: LA Adams AirBnB.


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