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The "Crud" of Traveling | Wandering Travel Tours

Every trip I go on I'm worried about three things:

Will my luggage make it? A real fear that has manifested itself in reality at least once. It's one of the reasons I want to move to carry-on only. I said "I" because Amber over packs to go to the 7-11, let alone another city or country.

Will my flight be cancelled or delayed or worse yet I sleep thru my alarm and wake up after takeoff? I haven't slept through my alarm...yet. Three knocks on Formica. I have however had a cancelled or delayed flight and I've gotten to the airport too late and missed a flight. All easily solvable by spending more time at the airport. Overnight on once occasion (looking at you O'hare) and several hours on another. It happens. It's actually the least of my worries because I know by hook, crook or Mississippi charm I will make it home. One day.

My absolute worst fear that actually happens almost every time I fly for more than 12hrs is-- What crud will I come home with? Seriously every flight has a Tuberculosis Tommy, Botulism Berneice or worse...a 2 year old with a head cold that happens to be sitting next to me and believes in touching strangers with snotty hands. I've decided that I am lucky. That's the only way I can look at how I can point out the exact cough that contributed to my future "crud". I can be sitting in 22D and hear a cough from 11A and go yep, that's the one. That's the one that's going to use up a roll of my toilet paper, a packet of Vitamin C tablets and 50/11 over-the-counter meds that I "try" in the hopes of relief. Add to that, my allergies generally kick into overdrive and I fight that reaction off as well. Like I said...lucky.

I'm currently fighting something from my last trip thanks to some random malaria carrier. I'm medicating, Vitamin C'ing, and resting. That's all you can do til it runs it course and the next trip pops up. I think of it as part of the trip at this point and if it doesn't happen...yea.

What's the sickest you've been on or after a trip?


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