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We are counting down the days for our journey in Cambodia. 4 Days and a wakeup as we use to say in the military. It's been an interesting week as we pick items to sell, give away and throw away.

Totally different but the same as our journey from America as we lighten our load for the next step. A part of me is sad to see our journey end so soon, another is excited about the possibilities of the next country. And an even greater part of me is geeked about the country after, wherever that may be.

The interesting and great part thing about life is that you can change pathways, you can make life altering decisions when needed or more importantly when wanted. We thought we had done that with the move here but realized it was only the first step. We are planning on traveling all over SE Asia for the next year or so, two months here, one month there. And again that's only a plan, that may change. Life.

But...while we are here, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the growth, change and empowerment that we've experienced here in Cambodia. From day 1 we've adapted to expectations vs reality. Changed how we viewed our daily existence, remembering why we decided to take this journey. And the growth of letting go of shackles that were more mental and emotional.

We thank you Cambodia. We will be back.


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