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The 'Rona is Back! | Wandering Soup

And I'm a lil bit mad about it. Mainly because we were living a life, a good one meaning things were "normal". No masks, no real mentions of Covid-19, at least not daily, acting like tourists, checking out restaurants. In essence living, walking and moving similar to how we did in 2019. A year that will now go down as one of the good ones after the failure that is 2020.

And I have to admit now before I go down the negative rabbit hole that I've enjoyed the forced solitude and relative solace that Covid-19 forced upon us. I've read, napped, walked, planned and cooked more in the last few months than I have in the last few years. So much so that when Vietnam opened up to some normalcy I ran like a kid toward a big puddle in the middle of the street. Fortunately my mom grabbed my arm at the last second to prevent it! That's what this feels like. A denial of simple pleasure.

We've posted a few videos on the process of the shut down and what a difference a few days makes. In 48 hours we went from moving at ease to complete lock down. No movement unless it's essential. No businesses are open unless they are deemed essential. No restaurants dine in or dine out...and honestly this hurts the most! I am not looking forward to cooking three meals a day again.

In essence Vietnam is not for play play when it comes to the virus. They are working hard to keep this outbreak down and to keep us safe and for that I'm thankful.

With all that being said, I'm going to wallow in my sadness TODAY. Tomorrow I'll be over the small disappointment of no longer moving around freely and without masks but being assured that our health is first and foremost. Tomorrow we start planning for this possibly extending to more than 14 days as the number of affected increases. We've been here before, made it through then and will again.

We good over here.

**A friend asked what we purchased on our last grocery store run and this time we decided to show and tell! This wasn't a full run as our fridge honestly isn't that big and we also have mini-stores around us along with fruit/veggies.

$40 Grocery Store Haul - Da Nang, Vietnam - Big C Grocery Store


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