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The STRUGGLE! in Merida, Mexico | Wandering Soup

Look let me first start off by saying "We love Merida!" it's a great little city with some beautiful people and architecture. I could go on and on abut the beautiful weather we are currently experiencing. It certainly adds to the experience, along with knowing that this won't last and we need to enjoy it as much as

With all that being said I gotta admit it's been a semi-struggle for us to adjust to some parts of life in Mexico. NOT all just some. And it's really an internal thing and not the city itself, that actually makes it harder. I know you're going what though???? goes.

Merida is essentially a small town and although it has city amenities we are use to "more". We've intentionally and unintentionally moved to big cities when living in SE Asia cause it's easier. Shopping, getting around and of course eating.

The home rental process while still simple is more complicated and to be honest we had sort of gotten it down in SE Asia and were proud of that #egoissues We go into detail regarding our search on our Vlog, feel free to watch!

And last but not least.......I'm slightly over Tacos. I know. I know. I know. Tacos are life and I am admitting to the ultimate sin but I would really love a good bowl of Ramen or even more a bowl of cheesy grits. I had a dream about a good chicken fried steak the other day, with gravy and hot rice. Yep. I got it bad.

Other than ain't bad. And after reading the above I realize I'm complaining a little about nothing so...time to go sit outside and enjoy this beautiful day!!


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