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This weather!

We've been here almost two years and the weather is always a topic of conversation before arriving, after arriving and day to day! It is nothing to meet a stranger on the streets of Merida and the conversation center around "how hot" it is among other things. The other things being if it's raining or not. That's it.

Well lately that has changed as we experience what can only be described as a "mild" summer. When I say mild I mean we haven't seen above 100 degrees more than 8 days since May or June. Now this could be speculation on my part, the 8 could be slightly higher but not by much.

As I type this I am acknowledging that the weather readings say it's 90 degrees and in some corners of the world that's hot. Super hot even. Here that's a few degrees above "really" warm.

All this to say or ask:

Is global warming affecting Merida?

Have we become use to heat and now require a sweater if the temp falls below 75?

I don't know which question applies more, I do know that I'm enjoying these "cooler temps". You will too after you arrive and become local enough that wearing a sweater in 75 degree weather and meeting strangers on the street saying how cool it is, is your new norm. Full circle.


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