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Thoughts on Moving Abroad...

With the Covid-19 occurring lots of people are looking at moving abroad once things become more normal. Below are a few thoughts I shared on Facebook and thought I would share here as well.

If you are African American and want to roam the earth for a year, start in SE Asia.

Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore.

Your money will go far, with the exception of Singapore, and you may find yourself on the journey. Don't expect to find family or home (because you can't purchase land). We are not the norm and you will be treated as such.

S. Korea, Japan and Tawain are expensive. Proceed with dollars, in other words don't travel here with expectations of inexpensive living. Costs will be on par with any large American city.

You will have to Visa jump in all of these countries so factor in flights and/or Visa costs.

Racism/Xenophobia will occur. You may be called nigger, touched randomly and pictures taken without your permission. Stares will become so common that you won't even "feel" them.


If you are African American and want to have options such as owning property, starting a business or gaining citizenship, look towards South America and Europe.

Yes you will experience racism in both but no more/less than you experience currently in America. You also may find yourself in an Expat bubble where you don't experience much of anything.

As always there are exceptions and this is just my opinion based on my travels. I will be posting full fledged blogs over the coming weeks with pros/cons of each country for visiting or relocating.

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