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Top 5 in 5 - Athens, Greece

Amber and I have made all these plans about what we are going to see and eat in Athens. Mind you we only have 5 days, 2 days of our trip are strictly for travel. And that's just life right?

Keeping in mind that I like to live like a local while traveling AND see everything within that particular city in whatever time frame I have, I figured we would actually get to see a lot of Athens. And then Amber presented me with a list of must see's. Her must see's were longer than my bucket list for two lifetimes. Here's our compromise. We both listed our top 5 must see's (with expected overlap) and those are the things we will attempt to do.

Kat's Top 5

1. Acropolis - This was sort of a no brainer honestly. I don't think I could go to Athens and not see the Acropolis and live to tell the tale. The pictures I've seen are gorgeous. Hopefully it lives up to the hype. Amber says I have issues for even writing that.

2. Acropolis Museum & National Archaeological Museum of Athens - Either of these will do. It's a must for me to see at least one museum in a city when traveling and I'm sure both will be breathtaking. I'll do a blog one day on my favorite museums.

3. Plaka- We are actually staying in Plaka, but I want to explore the neighborhood and "Live like a Local."

4. Theatre of Dionysus - I have to admit Amber has me hooked on wanting to see this. We shall see if her enthusiasm translates to me being okay with placing this on my top 5.

5. Parthenon- I've been having flashbacks lately to high school when I was fascinated with Greek Mythology and the Goddess Athena along with Zeus and a few others. To see this up close and in person. My breath catches a little at the thought.

All right those are mine. Here are Amber's in her own words:

Amber's Hot 5

1. Acropolis - But, of course. Where we will be staying is supposed to be literally "steps" from the Acropolis according to I am excited about the prospect of taking an evening stroll to the Acropolis if we wish or just admiring from a distance from our balcony (*fingers crossed*).

2. National Theatre of Greece - It doesn't make clear sense to me to travel to Greece and NOT attend a performance of some sort. Plus I'm a bit of a drama geek.

Performance theater seems to be very lively there indeed, and the National Theatre alone has multiple stage plays occurring throughout the week and weekends. I am particularly looking forward to an Arthur Miller play that will be running during the week of our stay. I'll leave my review of whatever we see for sure.

3. Panathenaic (Olympic) stadium - Built in 330 BBC and then reconstructed in the 1800s, this original Olympic stadium has to have some tremendous energy. It was last used for the Olympics in 2004. I just want to soak it all in for a few moments.

4. Church of the Holy Apostles (Agora) -This is in close proximity to the Acropolis so it only makes sense to get around to this well-preserved area. The church is in amazing condition considering its been around since the 10th century. The Byzantine architecture is the must-see, and I plan to see it.

5. Temple of Apollo at Delphi - It will require a day trip, but I am sure I can wrangle the Mrs. into it. Only a few hours from Athens, this site was visited by travelers from around the world to receive prophesies from the Oracle at Delphi. The images alone are stunning. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime places.

And that will be that. We'll let you know whose list won out later. Happy travels, All!

Kat & Amber

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