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Top FIVE of 2019 | Wandering Soup

Yep we are doing a Top Five list because 2019 has been an amazing year and in 2025 when I'm looking back over the great times in life, I want "written" memories.

1. The true highlight to me surprisingly was our son's first flight. And the fact that it was an international one made it even better. We did one 14hr leg and another 8hr leg and he handled it like a middle seat champ! He quickly figured out that airplane food is strictly for pictures and economy tickets are...well that for a reason.

2. Moving to Cambodia. Was a close call and almost made it to the number one spot but we doing generational living over here so the boys flight won out. Of course this trip is about Amber and I, living our best life but he's along for the ride and we hope we are inspiring him and his future kids. Cambodia has grown me in ways not expected and ways not really seen as yet. I'm excited for what the future brings.

3. Selling my home and quitting my job (late 2018). Yep. Freeing myself and my family from the American dream. I achieved it. And then thought, what next with no enthusiasm. Releasing, that's what happened next. Realizing that the American dream wasn't really mine. I've made mistakes, shared more of self, grown and just been free.

4. Traveling. We've spent significant time in 4 countries since we started this journey! Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and of course Cambodia. Every stop and step has been a confirmation of number 3.

5. Growing my relationship with self, Amber, family and life in general. I've had the luxury of having the freedom of unencumbered time. Time to reflect, change directions and more importantly listen to the inner conversations that my life pace in America did not allow. I've found inner strength, wisdom and some faults. The next decade is coming and I'm ready. See you in 2020!


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