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Amber and I are married. I keep saying this out loud and here cause...shit. She and the kids are moving physically into my home next month. Possibly earlier cause you know, Taurus. I'm adjusting, cause Taurus. I like my space, I like my quiet. I'm giving all that up for love. For love. Yep. And great conversations about how we are going to do this. And plans for the future. And late night rambles about our past lives.

It's taken all of me not to make a list in the midst of all of this. I like lists. And order. My wife is more of a feel the energy type of person. Okay. Can we feel it on a list of things we are going to do to ease this transition please ma'am? What we've done instead is have 20 thousand conversations that have outlined the move, the plan, the distribution of stuff. I adjusted. It works for now.

The kids are excited. I think they think they are moving to know big city, bright lights. Yea...not even. I live in one of the smaller suburb towns near Atlanta. Thirty minutes out. My friends say more but they exaggerate way too much. I'm looking at you Fiona. I love it. They are gonna get used to it. Hopefully quickly.

Amber's method of transition was to ask for more tea and where she can set up her altar. That's it. Not next to mine, which is what I offered and she said no. Quickly. Almost hurt my feelings but..not really.

Oreo, my dog, said she didn't really care as long as they stop picking her up and give her the good treats.

In the end it's happening. And I'm excited. I've been fortunate or unfortunate to have only cohabited with women with no kids in the past and my kid has 4 legs. Being honest I think I sorta liked that. It was Easy ain't life though..sometimes.

I'm not blinded by love or great sex. I know the next few months are going to be interesting, cussing interesting. I know the kids are going to get on my nerves and touch my stuff. I know Amber is going to rearrange my stuff and try to cook meat. And I know that I'm going to be happy bitching from my spot on the sofa. We transitioning.

Bring the noise.


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