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Travel Insurance vs Health Insurance | Wandering Travel Tours

Is there a difference...yep.

I was talking with Frenchie Davis, who is currently on a once in a lifetime tour of SE Asia, performing and living her best life. Follow her journey, don't be a jerk. She blocks with the mighty hammer of Thor.

Anyway we were discussing a migration to SE Asia, Thailand for her and Cambodia for us and medical insurance because life is real and the body needs care. Good care. She mentioned the great deal she got on Travel Insurance and I mentioned the great deal I received on Health Insurance for the entire family. That discussion made me realize that not everyone knows the difference and today would be a good day to share that difference.

In a nutshell Travel insurance covers you while traveling in case of a health emergency such as a heart attack or broken leg and it also covers your investment i.e. trip cancellation, lost luggage.

Health Insurance is what you use when it comes to your daily or regular health care such as yearly check ups and shots. The stuff that you are use to having in America. The stuff that typically costs three arms and four fingers. That stuff.

Both are optional in life but like life things happen. Keep that in mind.

Talk to your Travel Agent or google trip insurance and include that in the cost for your trip. As for Healthcare if you are planning on moving abroad HCI, GeoBlue and CIM are great places to start.


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