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Travel items you can travel WITHOUT! | Wandering Travel Tours

I am the Queen of under packing, to the point that I sometimes forget things I might really need. Amber on the other hand is the QUEEN of too much for no dang reason! Keeping her in mind, below is a list of things you can travel without, saving you time, money and elbow grease.


4 Bags for a weekend trip. Be practical, it's only a weekend you won't use or need 80% of what's in 3 of the bags and you more than likely will not open them


A neck pillow. I use to love them for traveling but after counting up how many times I dropped mine while going from terminal to terminal vs using it, and using Mississippi math I decided it wasn't worth the slight convenience.


To many clothing options. No one around you really cares that you can change clothes 4 times a day while on vacation. No one. Pack to mix and match AND for the weather. If you are going to the beach leaves the coat at home, there will not be a freak change in the weather to justify it. And let's be honest the formal gown/suit can also stay home, along with the four pair of high heels or Stacey Adam loafers.


Leave the camera at home unless you are a professional or a really good budding amateur. It's bulky and an easily stolen valuable item, not only as you walk around but even when left behind in your hotel room.


Shoes. A seasoned traveler may have two pair of shoes. That's it. Good walking shoes and maybe some sandals or flip flops when you want to walk lightly or feel slightly dressed up. Yes flip flops can be dressy.


Jewelry. If you really love that necklace, bracelet or ring, then leave it at home. As a tourist you are an automatic target for tourist because this is the world we live in. Don't feed the trolls on Facebook or on vacation. If you must bring it do not pack it in a checked bag, instead use your carry on.


Anything you can easily and cheaply purchase while on vacation. Bug spray, soap, razors, extra toothbrushes, generic hair accessories, even hats. Those items add up in space and weight.

This is a starter list of things not to carry just to save time, money and energy. What do you think needs to stay at home?


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