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What happens when you and your travel partner bump heads?

Sometimes you get into the planning process and realize that everyone doesn't see eye to eye. It could be because someone is more bohemian and wants the rich, bacteria-laden experience, while someone else won't go anywhere without a wet wipe. Or it may be that breakdowns in communication make it difficult to get anything accomplished. There is something about choosing a place to stay and making transportation decisions together that can shed light on your similarities but more obviously your differences.

Sometimes you don't find out until you're actually on that trip and in the midst of things. Then you are left wondering how you are going to endure an entire vacation with this person who you thought were sane and is slowly proving otherwise, I mean who wants McDonald's in Greece?

You will certainly learn about yourself and your travel partner (s) when you take a leap together. Fortunately, traveling with my mate has helped me gain greater perspective on who she is as a person and appreciate her differences as strengths that complement my own when we travel. I expect there will be times when I would do things differently and we may come to an impasse, but when we've encountered those moments in our daily life, we have taken a step back to look at the situation with fresh eyes and re-approach it in a way that isn't selfish, but is considerate of a resolution we can both live with. In real life as well as in travel life, she is a true partner, and I am grateful we come together as well as we do.

The adage the family that prays together, stays together has a lot of truth to it. I'm also convinced that the family that makes it through at least a 5-day excursion, while listening to one another and making choices that don't piss each other off, stay together. I would love to hear about someone's Disney cruise experience or some other fun/flop trip with the entire family.

I appreciate the revelations that travel can inspire, both within and between people. When you find out who you can travel with, you generally find your tribe as well.

Hug your traveling kin, get you some, or roll solo!

Happy travels!


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