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Traveling Conversations

Apparently, I have powers. I can't see dead people, but if I could, they would probably talk me to death. 

My situation is that no matter where I go people seem compelled to talk to me. And I'm not talking regular, polite conversation. I mean, I often learn way more than I'd planned or hoped to learn about a random stranger by the end of the conversation. Even yesterday at the night market with my wife, someone started up a conversation with us while we were dancing in a parking lot (yes, my wife seems to have the same affliction). We still are not sure what she was saying (and Prince was playing so it shouldn't even matter). 

Traveling is no exception. When I am on the road or in the air, folks find me as well. When I'm going to be flying, I make it a point to bring a book or make sure I go right to sleep, so that I can avoid looking like I want to talk. Because I usually don't. 

Flying is my time to rest, meditate, take in the clouds, think about life, etc.-not to talk about my neighbor's grandkids. But sometimes it is just unavoidable. Like the time I ended up next to a woman (a grandmother) on her first flight ever, who told me that she'd never take the bus again because the plane was so easy, and she wants to be able to see her grandchildren who were now all moved down South. Or the time, I ended up next to someone going to the same conference I was attending, and I was bombarded with "shop talk" that I didn't feel like thinking or hearing about until I was on the clock. 

It doesn't matter- plane, train, automobile, people are amazingly accurate in finding my happy ass. In the middle of the night, a guy on the train told me he was on his way to see a guy that he met online and was going to see for the first time (he had flown in from another country). I worried about that young man like he was one of my own kids and wished I could check up on him after the fact. I can do without all that additional stress.

It feels like I enter the Twilight Zone sometime when I end up in these situations, but I know I'm not the only one who experiences this. What strange travel conversations/ situations have you found yourself in? 

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Safe (and quiet) travels wherever your journey takes you!


Human beings are interesting creatures. 

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