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We have a Facebook Group that I started a couple of years ago maybe less, I'm getting old. Anyway in that group I post flight deals. You know those last minute deals to places you never thought you would go and then here it comes a $99 deal to Iceland or a $106 deal to Guatemala. All those places. And yes those were actual deals that I purchased. Each trip was fantastic if only because I paid so little. The "economic" little being inside of me was pleased!

When I decided to turn this traveling hobby into a business I wondered how to transition to a full service "person" and away from the person who only wants the trip if it's next to nothing in cost. That isn't always logical, Barcelona, was a prime example of that. We way exceeded my budget, which was inherently too low. Now I'm in this middle ground land of who is my customer? Am I my customer? Does my customer think like me or no? What is everyone looking for? What kind of deals. Admittedly I'm new to this Travel business and my customers are still coming so...

So I turn to you dear blog readers for your assistance AND to ensure I don't spam you! Below is a link to a 5 question survey. If you would be so kind as to answer the questions, I will thank you til the end of times, or at least til Friday.


Click the pic!

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