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Traveling Toothpaste and other tales...

Now before you say, I know Kat isn't writing about toothpaste, hear me out. Or rather read at least to the middle before you scoff. But still pass this along to your friends...

Anyway one of the joys of travel that isn't talked about in any capacity is toothpaste. Mainly because you know it's there, on that aisle, in that store, no matter where you go. There should be toothpaste of some sort, travel size, regular size and Costco for no reason size. Seriously who needs 12 tubes of toothpaste in one purchase?

One of the joys of moving abroad was trying out new flavors of toothpaste. Being honest America has the most basic of tastes when it comes to toothpaste. It's generally white, red, and blue dipped in a dropped mint. And I do mean dropped in the bottom of your southern Black Grandmother's Sunday purse mint flavor. And that was fine when I, the humble traveler didn't know any better.

But now that I know better, we gotta do better! America up your game up, give us more! Yes I'm talking to you Colgate, Crest and any other brand that thinks that green mint colored toothpaste is exciting and new.

As an adult, let's be honest there's only so much you can be excited by that costs under $3 bucks and isn't on the dollar menu. Let me tell ya, I got excited about my salt &lemon toothpaste in Vietnam.

Even tried one that was orange flavored, I think. I shan't mention the time I went back and brushed again, just to confirm the taste of said toothpaste. I did not eat it!

Coconut and Ginger is my newest flavor here in Mexico and let me tell ya, I get a little excited in the morning. Twenty one year old me is crying thug tears at __ me getting the giggles on the toothpaste aisle, trembling with sleepy excitement about new

flavors to start and end my day with.

This one right here wasn't bad either! I'm trying not to get to stuck on any of them because I'm geeked about the endless possibilities of fresh breath with new flavors! My granny's mint has nothing on these flavorful brushes with freshness.

And no this isn't a commercial, though that last sentence was pushing it!

All that to say, here's a little treat you didn't know would happen on your next trip or move abroad. New toothpaste flavors! Leave the big bulky one at home, you won't need it.

Almost forgot about the tale part. I really should write a blog to tell ya'll about Amber's foray into Neem toothpaste, when we first got married. Comment below or hit the heart button if you want to "hear" the story and how it...


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