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Visa, Visa, Visa?!? | Wandering Soup

We will have been in Vietnam 3 months on June 13th so it's time to renew our Tourist Visa for an additional 3 months. When we moved here from Malaysia in March we thought the max, even with Covid-19, that we would be here would be exactly 90 days and were already looking for flights to our next country of choice. Reality hit and that isn't happening as most countries that we are interested in aren't open and the ones that are aren't allowing Americans in. Even Americans from other parts of the world.

Well in the middle of searching, vetting and pricing a Travel Agency to actually do the Visa process for us, because in Vietnam you can't do it yourself, we find out that starting this week there will be a ban on renewals of 3 month visa's til...who knows when. You can do one month but as soon as you finish one, you have to start another at considerable cost.

Shock. And a being honest a lil angry. Or maybe upset because had we waited one day...

As I mentioned there isn't anywhere else that we want to go right now and definitely not America. For all the reasons we left and the multitude of reasons that have been birthed since Covid-19 erupted. Murder, unemployment, rising rates of infection...I could go on.

So tomorrow we will pay a significant amount of money to stay here til September, before they shut the doors in another way again, that may or may not affect us at that time. Our trip to Vietnam has been a series of getting in right before things are shut down. WE ARE Not complaining. And we recognize that we are fortunate to have a safe secure country to live in right now.

Let's hope that they don't change the guidelines overnight before we make it to the Travel Agency office. We will update you tomorrow!


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