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Wandering Soup- Kat's Version of things

Wandering Soup is an interesting name right? But it fits Amber and I to the T right now as we plan the next few steps in our life.

We travel. We eat. We share. That's a quick encapsulation of our soon to be journey.

A journey that started with a simple message many moons ago. Do you ever... And went from there. To here. And here is a beautiful thing.

We fell in love. I'm hoping that's obvious. If not, there you have it. Fell in like enough to forego distance and do a lot of meet and to. Fell in like, that led to love, that led to marriage. I's married now. We's married now.

Along this pathway of like to love, we've decided to jump into new things. New things meaning our love of travel, new soil and new air. We are planning as a family to move abroad for two to three years in two years. 2020.

This blog will detail our journey. The highs and lows, in's and outs, along with tips. Lot's of tips. Pictures and vlogs to come. That's the plan. Share a lot of us, with you. In the meantime, we will still be traveling. First stop is Greece, Spain and then the world.

Here's a pic of me before my last trip to China. I was not tired and low key not excited. That early am flight was not the lick! But I had on my yoga pants and my compression socks. I also had packed my skullie that I ended up leaving in the cab that took us to the airport. I miss that skullie.

I haven't packed for Greece as of yet. Honestly haven't given much thought to what I'm going to wear. Hmmmm. Maybe a blog on packing should be next. We shall see. By the way as you are taking this journey with us, make sure you leave a comment, ask questions, heck give advice. All that.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of life. Hold on, it's going to be interesting and bumpy.

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