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We ain't even much packed..

Four days out and I haven't even looked at our suitcase. I said our cause these baggage fees is having a sister reduced to one bag for two people for a week. Honestly I'm not worried, Luv on the other hand is an over packer of the highest order. She is on the board of directors of Overpackers R Us. She's also looking a little upset and requesting that I pack first. Not because of love, she just wants to know how much extra room she may have.

I've wrote a blog about packing so there is nothing extra to report here except to say I am keeping it light! We have a washer/dryer in our AirBnB and I'm not above doing a load of laundry on vacation. I will be sporting tee's and harem pants for a week with an occasional dress for night time activities. Even ordered some cheap walking sneakers. I like to buy a pair and they generally last 2 or 3 trips. I put in serious miles on those puppies and like the spring action effect when I walk. Yes I know I should invest in one good pair but...I don't wanna.

This will be my/our first time actually using AirBnB, I've preferred VRBO or Homeaway for previous trips but surprisingly the offerings were either slim or there were zero reviews on places that looked to good to be true. I'm adventuresome and was willing to take a chance but the wife said hell to the naw naw. Happy wife, happy life.

We are also flying TAP Air Portugal for the first time. We came across a hell of a cheap deal that amounted to under $250 R/T from Boston, so we jumped. We should have read the fine print or more accurately looked at the prices they charge for "regular" stuff before jumping as high as we did. In essence we got a ride with no luggage or seat assignments. We forked out a few more dollars for the one bag and are going to take our chances on seat assignments. I told her I would wave from the back. Even with that, the flight came out to less than $300 per person, minus the additional cost of flying to Boston. I love that airport by the way and was attempting to stay a few days on each side to see the city but them hotel costs said nope. Reviews for TAP aren't that great so expect a full review along with video's on our IG page during the flight and the trip in general. Follow US

So here we are a few days away from our fall vacation in Spain. I need my hair done, eyebrows arched and a pedi wouldn't be a bad idea. I'm going to go grab a pear and call it a day, I'll tackle that list tomorrow.

Anyone every flown TAP? Speak now or forever hold your peace.


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