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We got tested! | Wandering Soup

We have been existing like most of the world in a bubble in our apartment. Daily quiet, while focusing inward and debating on what to order from a local bakery followed by what to cook for dinner. That's about it!

In the middle of all of that of course we watch/read the news for here, the U.S. and Mexico our possible future home. So far the news is bleak, not surprising but every now and then something positive wouldn't be bad.

Speaking of possible positive we heard/read the other day that testing would be occurring for everyone in Da Nang, Vietnam. Of course we were concerned but more along the lines of when it would occur for us. All of us are down for the testing and quite pleased that it would occur. Last night we received word that our day was the next day, first thing in the morning. Even better!

Below is a quick video of our day of testing and how things went.


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