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What I miss about Home | Wandering Soup

Honestly not much but there are a few things that I occasionally seek or mention to Amber and I thought I would complain I mean share with you.

1. Breakfast. More specifically an American one that's loaded with sugar, salt and carbs. I can't eat what I consider lunch and dinner items for breakfast and not feel slightly odd. It's the American in me. And what I mean by that is noodles, soup and curry. That's really the majority of offerings in SE Asia or some variation that contains them.

What I don't miss is rolling away from the table feeling as if I need a nap and that my day is effectively gone as a I give my body time to digest that great American breakfast. I've adapted and do a more European breakfast that's generally coffee and toast/croissants.

Mainly I miss grits. No sugar please, that's just blasphemy.

2. Line protocol. There is none in SE Asia, they will crowd you, step in front of you and then pretend that you were so not standing there. In America you are trained from birth, unless your name is Karen, that lines are a time honored tradition and that there are rules dangit! You queue, you give the person in front of you a foot or more of space, you complain about the number in front of you and congratulate yourself regarding the number of folks behind you. This is America!

3. A good mattress. I swear all the mattresses here are made from concrete covered in foam, cheap foam made of plastic toilet paper. The first apartment we stayed in, in Cambodia I ended up moving to the couch after a few hours of struggling nightly because the bed was so uncomfortable. You could literally sleep on the floor with a sheet and there would be no difference from the bed. None. I add yeast to a lot of stories but on this one, none need apply.

4. Grocery stores. And let me preface this by saying, some folks go traveling and they pick up shot glasses as souvenirs, I go to grocery stores. I like looking at new and varied food items and hopefully trying them out. BUT and there is always a but, while the stores we've encountered here are great, you can and will have to go to three or four just to do your weekly shopping because one product will not be carried at XYZ but is available at ABC. It makes for a long day of shopping.

And that's it. I couldn't even stretch it to 5. I was going to mention Family but I speak to my mother every day, at least once sometimes twice. And like most folks I see the rest of my family living life on FB and IG. The same as I did when living in the states.


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