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What's behind the rainbow?

This summer has been fruitful so far, Traveling Folk is busy, Traveling T's & Traveling Reads are both up and running , the crew started school. Now they only eat us out of house and home from 5pm to 9pm. Seriously I think one eats enough for three people daily and still talking about what's next. Air. That's what next...

AND the announcement of our next big thing, Wandering Soup -Traveling Group!

We are planning to take a group of LGBTQ folks on a 7 day trip next year. Let me rephrase that because I don't want anyone to think that we paying for anything. We are instead going to "curate" a trip for those that are interested.

We've been debating on places. International. 12 to 14hr flight max...per leg. Decent weather for September, yes September 2019. People of color and the rainbow alphabet welcome. Or should I say our dollars are welcome, cause that's reality. And nice living.

This will be great beginner (long) trip for those who haven't traveled or traveled internationally, those looking to bridge the solo travel bridge and of course those who just want to travel with a group.

I want you to know, I love you all. In advance. But we will not spend every day together. Three out of the five days will be group oriented but only if you want to attend. The others will be either solo or with other members that want to hang.

The location announcement will occur on September 1, 2018. Please send any questions you may have to

All that to say, come with. Be adventuresome. Try it.


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