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What's in your bag? | Wandering Travel Tours

It's almost time to pack for Greece. I'm trying to be pro-active and that means I will be packing two days prior to the trip instead of the day of. Mentally I've picked everything out and...that counts as packing to me.

Here are a few things that I pack for every trip, no matter how short or long. Honestly continuity keeps me from leaving things at home that I really need.

1. Passport and passport holder - I carry mine on all flights, local or international. Mainly to stay in the habit of having it on me and secondly because it's accepted as an official form of ID around the world. I have two, a wallet style and the other is a neck wallet.

2. Travel size bottles - I carry two different soaps, one for body, one for face, oils for hair and body. I either order them online or hit up my local Dollar Store or Wally World. Nothing hurts more than to watch TSA throw away your $10 bottle of new soap. This applies to carry on only. If it's being stored under the plane feel free to bring the big bottle...but why?

3. An ink pen. Seriously have one or two on you. You will have to fill out an entry form of some sort for most countries and it's heck finding one at 30,000 feet in the air.

4. Wet wipes - Your probably thinking hand sanitizer. Nope wet wipes. Wipe everything down. Arm rest. Window. Dining tray. TV Screen in the head rest. Think about all the hands that touched all of those items. Then think about the tiny bathroom shared by all 300 of you on that 12hr flight. Yea. Wet Wipes. EVERYTHING. Bring the sanitizer, you'll need it more after landing.

5. Prescription medicine and over the counter pain meds. Pharmacies overseas are not like the typical Walgreens and CVS here in that they can either be not easily accessible or not available at all.

6. Compression socks. These are your friends when it comes to a flight over 4 hours. That and moving around every so often. Also the louder the better is my go to fashion choice.

7. A water bottle. Keep hydrated when flying, and no I don't mean liquor. Though that certainly helps. I tend to lean toward those that can be easily attached to my carry on bag rather than fitting inside of it. Bring it empty to the airport and fill up after going through security.

8. Travel pillow. It just makes life comfortable. 12hrs of sleeping upright will have you ready to be featured on an episode of Snapped. Get a neck pillow.

9. Toiletry bag. Nothing worse than landing and being told your luggage didn't make it. Keep an extra t-shirt, underwear and toothbrush in this little kit. Again this is if you aren't team carry on only.

10. Kindle, paper book or music player of some sort. 18hrs is a mighty long time to be stuck in a seat and there is only so much sleep a body can take. Bring things to keep you entertained. Check with your airline to ensure that you can use your cell phone on the plane. Some are saying no to any usage, not just at takeoff and landing.

What do you carry on each trip? Leave a comment below and don't forget your adapter!

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