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Where are my pants? | Wandering Soup

As we started packing for our move to Malaysia from Cambodia, I thought it was more than time to lighten my load. In particular my pile of Harem/Boho pants. Mainly because I've worn/washed them thin in this Cambodian water and it's time to get some new ones.

So I threw and happily gave away my beloved harem pants. Lightened my load and packed my Nespresso Expresso Machine in the place the pants would have occupied because "good" coffee is life. I really thought I was ingenious in my packing and that I was doing the dang thing.

And then we got to Kuala Lumpur and I started unpacking, yes I unpack my suitcase soon as I land, and realized that I threw or gave away every pair of harem/boho pants that I owned except for two. TWO. That's it. And they weren't my favorite two. I know your're asking how and I just have to point to watches the TV show "Hoarders" while cleaning and also to the person who just got happy throwing stuff away without looking at it.

And I also know you are thinking, so what it's just pants you have other clothes. Nope, I really don't. When I left the U.S. I packed for ease of move from future country to future country along with comfort. The comfort was actually more important and my harem/boho pants occupy 70% of my wardrobe with tee's covering the remaining 30%.

In the end I was left standing there looking at my pile of clothes or rather t-shirts, slow blinking and mentally chastising myself while thinking "I get new pants!" but, I don't have any clean right now to wear to the store to get them. Laundry day soon come and then it's new pants day!

Luckily you can get yours at WSTravel Store. Harem/Boho/Yoga pants are great for vacation and couch living! Get you some...


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