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Why are you moving abroad?

We asked "Why Are You Moving Abroad?" question as part of our 5 part series on moving abroad. We feel as is this is the first question/step abroad that anyone who is even remotely considering a move abroad should ask.

The why will lead you to the where!

There are a lot why's when considering a move abroad. Some move for what they believe will be a better life or even a simpler slower pace of life. For others it's cost of living, they want to decrease their overall costs while still enjoying a good happy life. For others it's climate or even health. All very valid reasons but ones that need to be well defined to ensure a successful move to anywhere, whether it's around the corner or around the globe.

If you don't ask this question of yourself several times and and answer with honesty, there is a good chance the move will be unsuccessful.

Asking the why may also help you determine that you actually don't want to move but instead need to take other measures to ensure you are happy and healthy in life.

Take a listen at the video below as Amber and I discuss the why's of moving to Mexico and abroad in general.


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