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Why SE Asia?

As you know we wrote a series of blogs about the four countries that we are considering moving to in the not so distant future. Feel free to read up on our opinions and google searched information. It's been fun, to say the least. Indoor toilets in all and honestly that was a high point in our search.

In the midst of sharing our four blogs, we sorta realized we may have not shared all of our reasons and our requirements. Not that we had to but if you are following along on this journey, why not?

1. It's Cheap. Really this was our first consideration. And by cheap we mean cheap by American standards. We want to live, not work to live. In essence we don't want every paycheck going into material things. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, I (Kat) was super poor as a kid and felt like I had to achieve the American Dream. It's taken me a few years to realize the American Dream isn't my dream. It's a good one, don't get me wrong but...not for me and thankfully not for Amber.

2. We really want to travel and experience things totally outside of our norm, not only for us but for the boys as well. Accepting the responsibility of helping raise two Black boys into great Black men was something I thought hard on and Amber and I discussed late at night into the early morning hours. Ensuring that we were both on the same thought plane for now and accepting that the pages will come. I want them to be feared for their intelligence not for their skin color and believe travel will help accomplish this. Right or wrong, we shall see.

3. Growing into who we are. I don't know about you but at times I feel like I'm still searching for me. Not saying that I don't know who I am but instead that I have gotten slightly lost in the day to day living of working for bills sake and southern "society" approval. Recognizing in the middle of all this that my childhood has shaped me, good or bad, but I can change my future pathway. So I am. We are.

4. And finally cause why not? Why not venture past you can't, you shouldn't and what about's? I've answered those questions with "Why not?" every time and surprisingly the answer has always been a slow blink before the friends say...well damn you right. Because for us, this is right. My momma ain't happy but she's lived her life. It's time for me, for us...before our knees give out. Cause it's coming. Old age has been staring at me from around the corner for a minute now. I don't wave because I'm fearful she'll think I'm ready to be friends. I'm not.


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