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Working from home

I'm not going to lie, this has not been an easy transition for me for a number of reasons, the main one being that my couch and bed are near. Seriously. I am so tempted to take a nap or go veg in front of the TV. Every day. Every other hour. My adult attention span that only extends to reading Reddit while on the toilet or random Facebook posts where folks tell all their business, was not built for this life.

To help I've "forced" myself" into a schedule of sorts. I'll share because...that's the point of the blog post right?

--Wake up. Yep. This is the start of the schedule. But the interesting part of this is that I'm not a morning person, or really an evening person...somewhere in the middle so I allow myself to not set an alarm for 0 dark 30. Instead I've allowed my natural body clock to dictate when it's time to get up. Fortunately it's been a relatively decent time.

--I wash, get dressed in something, occasionally put on a bra and then I drink a cup of coffee while setting up my office for the day. I like routine, moving out of that upsets me and working from home without a routine was certainly helping my lack of productivity. I also like to have items displayed in a certain And my oil diffuser has to be ready to go with whatever scent I want to smell today. Today's choice is Grapefruit. And because it's cold as heck, I have the little floor heater going. The house is relatively cool but my lil office is nice and toasty and my electric bill isn't doing jumping jacks.

--I may or may not eat, depends on my hunger levels.

--I go through my emails, social media, prepare what ever I'm going to share for the day. Setting up whatever I'm going to work on. Reading, researching. Lots of reading, researching, editing of knowledge, websites. And browsing Facebook. I'm human.

--No TV unless I'm eating lunch, rarely at breakfast because I can get distracted. I do play music. 90's R&B is the soundtrack for my life.

--I work til I start dinner because I'm the cook in the family and generally tie up loose ends after we've eaten while the boys do clean up. We do a sit down dinner every night with the boys and I'm not quite certain they enjoy it but hey...

--Frequently we both work late on deadlines of some sort of other but we are attempting to not do that as much and on Wednesday night we've started "Family Movie Night"..which is well watching a movie with family and popcorn. I think the boys like this and look forward to picking out the movie of the night. We watched the "Ghost Busters 2" last week. That's a really....not so great movie.

Well that's my, really our schedule so far. Other "work from home" or "work for self" folks, how do you do it?


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