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WS-Atlanta International Night Market

We went. And honestly I should probably stop here because the experience wasn't that great. They moved it to bumblef^ck Alpharetta so technically it should be Alpharetta International Night Market. It was in an active mall parking lot and parking was horrible unless you were open to walking a country mile. The year before in October the mall was old, let's be honest, but there was plenty of parking. I will say they had shuttles that just rambled through and stopped at clusters of folks. Yea!

The festival itself is cheap (though it did increase in price from last year) and gaining entrance was a simple process. Once inside it was packed. And therein lies the problem. The space just wasn't as big as the year before and the food vendors along with the lines where stacked on top of each other. Folks just looking at stuff being cooked appeared to be in line, those walking by and pausing for a second looked to be in line and the lines well they were all long and curved and straight and just odd configurations. I could tell the vendors were just as frustrated as the customers.

And even after saying that there appeared to be less food vendors or maybe less variety of things you haven't tried before. And let's be honest this appeared to be more of an Asian cultural exchange with every third or fourth booth being non-Asian food of some sort. Yes I know we are moving to Cambodia but...we ain't there And just in case you are reading, Atlanta Night Market folks, you can probably dispute the number of Asian stands but impressions count and that's what I saw.

With that being said, we all ate. It was good. Not great. I did try a Sweet Chimney from Sweet Chimney Bakery, it was amazing. I also stuck with my dish from last year Kushary from Cairo Cuisine. It was good though skimpy on the actually Kushary ingredients. The boys did Asian something or other, mom did Conch fritters and the wife did Soul Vegetarian. Check out the video of the boys trying "Nitro Breath" above. That was....interesting.

Vendors. I didn't buy anything. Prices seemed okay but again the layout was weird. Last year the food was on one side and goods were on the other. This year was some weird hybrid that just didn't work. I couldn't figure out if we had went down one section or not and just opted not to.

Will we go again? Yep. Will I do the cupid shuffle again? Yep Will I eat Kushary again? I hope to hell so!


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