Traveling Folk

D.C. & Shawn
Current Location: Tennessee, USA

Tell us about you and your partner? How did you meet?


My partner and I actually met on an online dating site 6 years ago. We lived in separate states and were looking for new friendships. On a whim, I sent her a message just letting her know that I found her interesting based off her profile and thought she'd be fun to hang out with.  We never thought we'd end up together especially with us living in different states. Ironically, she was planning a trip to Kentucky where I lived at the time and we decided to hang out and grab some drinks. We've been together ever since.


Why do you travel? Self, pleasure or work.


D.C.: i like to travel for  pleasure. I have a sense of adventure. I love to explore. Traveling allows me to expand my perspective in life. Shawn: I've had the opportunity to travel for work. Now I try to make the time to travel more for pleasure.  I enjoy traveling self pleasure to press reset on my life and have some fun and relaxation. 


Hotels, Hostels or Airbnb?

D.C.: Since Shawn has exposed me to  Airbnb, I really like Airbnb. As long as it is clean and aren't any bugs! Shawn: I usually make my decision based on cost.  Airbnb's are my favorite because it gives us more space, amenities, and comfort. 

Do you have specific habits that either of you stick to when traveling? Dos and don'ts?   


D.C.: I have a bad habit of over packing and waiting until the last minute to pack.  This usually results in staying up late the night before with no sleep to make sure everything is in order.  When I get to our destination, I bring plenty of Clorox wipes.  I  Sanitize remotes, door knobs, checking mattresses etc. before I can be comfortable.  Shawn: Neither of us likes to travel without the house being in order first.  I'm also a planner. I have the habit of OVER planning.  I will start going through logistics weeks even months in advance.  I am usually the one scouring multiple sites for the best rates, scheduling the Uber to pick us up,  and looking at different activities where we are headed. 


What has been the most interesting item of food you've tasted during your travels? 


D.C.: Conch, craw fish, oysters Shawn:  I'm a pescatarian so my diet is pretty limited. Beignets from Cafe Du Monde  and Drumfish have been my favorites

How has travel affected your connection with your partner?


We started out in a long distance relationship. Traveling brings out a sense of adventure for both of us. We like to have fun. There was one time we met up in Glasgow, Kentucky of all places. There is literally nothing there. But we had the best time just exploring the town and enjoying each others company. That's really all that matters. It isn't the destination, it's the amount of quality time you spend together, having fun, and having authentic conversations. 


What is the most significant thing you’ve learned about your partner so far during your travels?  

Shawn: Road trips are a not happening. lol. She does not have the patience to be in the car more than 2 hours. But also, she is very particular about where we stay. I'm a little more easy going and non-chalant about accommodations.  


Which one of you has the better sense of direction? Anyone hate getting lost?

D.C. definitely has the better sense of direction.  I always have to use the GPS. And even then I might miss a turn. 


While traveling, are you both early risers or a relaxer (sleeping in)?


D.C. likes to sleep in. She's a night owl. I am the early riser but I like to go to bed early. 


What is your dream destination? 

D.C.  Any Caribbean Island. Shawn: I've been wanting to visit Martinique ever since I learned about it in college. 


What advice would you give to a solo or group traveler?

Be Safe and aware at all times. Call your bank and let them know you are traveling so they won't cut off your card for suspicious activity. You do not want to have to deal with lack of funds because your bank or credit card company believes there is fraudulent activity. 


What's next for both of you? Any future trips?


Right now we are looking to travel soon to Savannah, Ga, Seattle, and a cruise to Mexico in November.