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Everyone who is thinking of marrying another human should first travel with them because if you didn't know, travel can make or break a relationship. We won't get into how travel has ruined many a friendship.

When I travel with someone, I outline my ground rules with the first question being "What type of traveler are you?" Their response determines if we are going to travel together in the future. Below are the top 5 travelers that you may come across.

1. Go with the flow - A go with the flow traveler plans but doesn't let plans set the pace of things. They are there for the experience of it all, not the Instagram photos...maybe. On the flip side of all this easy going travel is the chance that they may never leave the hotel room because it's so nice! They will more than likely leave a review on TripAdvisor talking about the towels, slippers, and thread count of the sheets.

2. The Planner - On the flip side of the go with the flow traveler is "The Planner". They have mapped out your vacation to the last minute with 15 minute breaks built in. They want to see every site, and no one will get in their way. I like planners honestly, just not on my vacation. But I will borrow the notes they have made for a trip.

3. Collector - This type of traveler may be a go with the flow or a planner but either way, they have to stop at every tourist trap in the world for a memento or a picture. They tend to over pack as well. Add in extra money when traveling with them.

4. Finding Myself - This type of traveler is trying to find themselves in every yoga ashram, green grass eating retreat. More than likely they have stopped eating meat...in front of you. Check for grease stains. Traveling with them will have you sleeping under the stars on grass mats. Tag me in the photos. Please.

5. Thrill seeker - This one is sort of obvious as this type of traveler wants to do everything that involves the possible breaking of bones or loss of oxygen...on purpose. I wish them well but nope, nada...I'll pass. Tag me in the photos of you smelling like Wednesday on Saturday on the top of Mt. Everest.

Honorary Mention goes to the Over Packer. He or she has to pack for every occasion, whether it will occur or not. Two suitcases for a three day weekend to the beach is totally normal and logical to them. Collector has nothing on this traveler because they started out with two 50 pound bags and collector ends up with two 50 pound bags. On another note, meet my wife.


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