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I'm going to attempt this weekly blog of our life in Cambodia, sharing the ins, outs, good, bad and indifferent of our experience. So if there is a topic that you want me to cover, shoot me a line or comment on one of the blogs. I'll also still share travel tips, informational blogs and of course our Travel Agency information. Don't forget us when you are thinking on your next grand vacation!

This blog is sorta easy in the sense that there really isn't anything negative to share and that's a beautiful thing.

We did our research before moving and honestly didn't want to move anywhere "worse" than America for out and proud lesbians. Cambodia fits that bill to a certain extent, it's almost where America was at say 8 to 10 years ago. Livable.

There are gay clubs/bars, Pride celebrations and the always ubiquitous Lady Boys. Enough to make us feel right at home. We see gay males, not so much in the way of women but that doesn't mean they aren't here. We'll be testing out the club/bar scene in a few months when tourist season hits and of course a drag show.

In real life situations I've introduced us exclusively as "My wife and I", when I've inquired about apartments or heck anything. No slow blinks or even hesitations have been present. It's been interesting in that its actually more freeing than in the U.S. maybe because I don't fear their judgement or I just don't care if they judge us because this is not going to be our forever home OR because they don't care. I honestly think it's the latter. Cambodians are more worried about surviving than who I'm sleeping with. Which should honestly apply to everyone everywhere.

On the flip side they love the boy. Seriously he gets spoken to everywhere we go, asked about if he isn't with us at what is becoming our usual haunts. It's pretty cool. He of course doesn't like the attention, he's at the age of delusion.

Gay life in Cambodia for us is We living, rainbows and whatnot. Now to decorate this apartment.


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