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Really the title should be "Arriving In Cambodia" because after a week I feel like that's really what we've done. On the surface of things. The reality is we have done a "lot" of things, or at least things that will allow us to stay here for the next six months to a year.

Apartment searching, a few homes too, Visa appointment, learning the area, eating the food, working. In other words we in Cambodia. Maybe the title does work.

The first few days have been interesting. Interesting connecting reality with a dream. Both are good, one is just real. And Siem Reap is nothing if not real. A weird juxtaposition of modern next to...well dirt poor. It's very obvious as soon as you land that this country is developing, itself. And to be honest that ride from the Airport to our temporary home was a shocker. Red clay roads, homes that weren't and shacks masquerading as businesses. Being honest I started counting down our time here.

Fortunately that road led us to more. And I almost feel bad saying that because I came here expecting less and with the thought that I could live with that. Turns out, I...We need some basic things and maybe a few steps above that. Siem Reap offers that, just gotta dig for it a little bit along with letting go of some things that you thought were a necessity.

On the flip side, the power has went out daily, along with the internet and there is always noise of some sort. Like club noise, chanting and hell living. They are doing it. All night and all day it seems.

The funny part is how real life this feels and how right. I'm human, I make mistakes. I'm beginning to believe that this wasn't one.

Let's see what the next six months bring.


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Photo- Temple Coffee & Bakery

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