New things...

New things, new air, new air... Let me repeat that new air. I am, or rather I have sought new air. This translates to I jumped. And by jumped I mean quit my 9 to 5. A 9 to 5 that I had been at for 5+ years and was highly successful. I was promoted two times, manager, salary increases, corner office (no view) and relatively free reign in regards to my hours and processes.

And yet in the last few months, probably longer, I've been dreading going into work. Tension filled my body every Sunday night and relief entered only on Friday, possibly a Thursday.

So I quit. Earlier than planned. But I'm good. We good. Flying. Escape pod launched.

Now mind you we talked about it. Planned the spontaneity of it all. Slept on it. Rehearsed. Counted coins. Plotted. Laughed. Hugged and almost cried...mainly from relief. Even did a little dance.

And even then I'm still giving. To the company that gave me an American dream. Good job, a home and the freedoms that money can sometimes give. And being honest, a knowledge base and confidence that can't be matched. I know what I know, test me. But ya gonna have to pay me.

New ventures. Or is it more an extension of something I've been doing? I'll let you be the judge. Coming soon. Two times.

Singing "How high, so high that I can touch the sky" or is it "I'm a hustler baby.." Either way I'm singing, working, I'm living.


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