Sightseeing in Barcelona

We did it. Not all I'm sure but enough, at least for this trip. We easily walked 5 to 7 miles daily. Let me repeat that...5 to 7 miles daily. All in the pursuit of the next best thing to see, eat and smell. As mentioned Barcelona is beautiful, a modern city with grown folk roots. Open fairways, long meandering blocks, up and down hill, neighborhood bakeries, coffee spots and boucheries. We saw it all, within that 5 to 7 mile walk. The new sneakers I purchased crapped out on the third day, I don't blame them. They were not meant for the wear and tear I did to them.

Our first real day, we started late and honestly perfectly at La Rambla, which is really just a street in Barcelona. A long famous street and a great street to see and be seen, full of life, shopping and crappy restaurants. I'll go into the food in another blog but..avoid eating here. I told someone to eat there and I regret it. Sorry friend.

We walked up and down, stopping at the Boqueria to marvel at the meat, seafood, fruit and other nicety's on display. If you are in the city, go. It's an easy 3 to 4 hour event, walking that is, up and down La Rambla. Say hi to the brothers from some part of the motherland near Placa De Catalyuna. The brothers are selling all the bootleg fake stuff you can possibly want or purchase at inflated rates. Talk them down and walk away if necessary. Ask my momma about that purse she sporting.... Be mindful of the pickpockets when strolling, they are on the prowl and honestly sort of obvious. Lots of attempted bumps and general you don't belong here energy.

On our second day we took the long route to view Casa Battlo and Park Guell. Long story short we get on the subway to Casa Battlo, got off the subway, essentially right in front of it, didn't realize it and walked an additional mile in the wrong direction. It's pretty though, that extra mile, there and back. Buy a ticket, go inside. We didn't but hey....

Park Guell was beautiful. Gaudi was an amazing visionary combined with almost child like wonder. Everything he touched is eye catching, slightly gothic and very Disney in a I am a Queen of the castle way. Just my opinion. Go. Go earlier in the day than we did. It's a freaking walk so uber/lyft/taxi there. The hop on/off buses take you close but it's in the middle of an active neighborhood made of small streets and big hills. All in all, shouldn't take you no more than hour so plan something else to do this day.

On our third day we did the Hop On - Hop Off bus and what was supposed to be the Basilica La Sagrada Familia but wasn't...that's another paragraph below. The hop on/off bus can be purchased for 24, 48 or even 72hrs. You don't need more than 48hrs and can easily do with just the 24hrs. There are two companies, we chose the one that offered three different lines vs two. In the end we didn't ride the third line but also didn't consider it a loss as the two lines we did ride showed us a lot. Well when I was awake cause all that riding combined with the time change still kicking my butt caused a sista to fall good and sound asleep for about 30 mins of one ride. Both companies go over the same areas and you will constantly see each other, so go with the one that works for you.

On our fourth day we finally made it to the Basilica La Sagrada Familia. Amazing. Breathtaking. Awe inspiring. And Disney like. I keep throwing that in because outside of the very Christian elements it looks like a kids idea of a castle. A big ever growing castle.

We also rested on this day because the tickets purchased allowed us entry at 4pm....on the day after the day we thought we were supposed to go. Yep, we made it all the way there on the third day only to be turned away because our tickets were valid for the next day.

Our final day was spent souvenir shopping. Lazily. Don't buy the cured meat and declare it when you enter the country of your origin, your homeland cause they will happily detain you and take it from you without a second glance. Yea that happened. I did buy some good coffee though!

Some Pics below!


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