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Maybe the title should be "Kid Travels with Two Adults who shout a lot." Not really...but close. Our son went on his first flight, which happened to be 14 hours on Korean Air. Yes, 14 hours. Trial by fire would also be a good title. Either way, we survived. I say we because 14hrs with a kid on their first flight is a testament to either good parenting or liquor. I don't drink often so good parenting it is on Amber's part.

Honestly I think the first hour or two he had a blast and by the third flight later in the week he considered himself an expert. Doubtful but hey he's 11, cut him some slack.

Anyway after the first two to three hours had lapsed and the first meal received not so rave reviews it sort of hit him that this was going to be a long ass flight. He twitched and man spread for the remainder of the flight. I think man spreading is genetic to all males, no matter the age or size. Not sure why but yea. He also turned down any remaining meals and ate his carefully packed last bag of Takis. He still talks about them to this day.

The various new adventures have been received with all the enthusiasm any 11 year old who would prefer to be attached surgically to an X-box can muster. He's figured out that pizza here isn't the same as in the U.S. but it still hasn't stopped him from ordering it every other chance he gets. You should see the disappointment on his face. It's almost comical and yes I laugh. He fell in love with Frappes, who knew he had never had one?? And insists on ordering one as his God given right on this earth. Parenting says no.

On the flip side, he has his own room and bathroom and a really massive bed that everything electrical he owns appears to live on. He's an expert on good and bad Tuk Tuks and is turning into a sneaker head. Though we aren't purchasing any, cause luggage. We bribe him out of his room with promises of Gelato or threats of no internet, whichever works. We purposefully chose a home with a pool so that he could burn off some energy, he keeps asking why I haven't gotten back in again. I thought once was enough.

In the midst of all of this he's finding himself. He writes some really good rhymes, is attempting to be a gamer and youtuber. I mean all the earmarks of a 2019 almost something or other.

He'll be starting online classes soon and that's going to be an interesting day, week...month. Wish us all patience. Lot's of it. And extra deodorant cause you know...teen spirit and all.


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