We took a long drive...| Wandering Soup

But we have finally made it to our new home in the city of Da Nang, Vietnam! And when I say long I mean long. 14hr plus drive split into two days. And now we didn't do the driving we hired a driver. And I know you asking why not fly?

Multiple reasons with the main one being I just don't want to get on a plane right now and two we didn't want to totally restart in a new city. By restart I mean supplies. Every move requires us spending a few hundred to "re-up" and get back to our comfort level be it kitchen equipment, towels, spices. Those little things start adding up!

The cost of hiring a driver and transporting all our stuff, seriously we have to much stuff and I'm looking forward to moving to another country if only to force a purge, was very comparable to one way flights and baggage fees. This way we got to take "our stuff" and see parts of Vietnam we would have never seen.

It was a great trip seen from the back seat. Small towns and burgs popping up seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Rice paddies, cows and water buffalo in the middle of everything. Even had some great food in the middle of somewhere next to something.

And I wouldn't do it again..lol Don't get me wrong, I love road trips. Unfortunately my knees don't, Amber said her's too! The boy slept so...

Anyway we are here so expect new videos and blogs featuring life in Da Nang with Wandering Soup as we travel, eat and share!


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