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Let's be honest there is no Black Gay Utopia, so I'm not going to pretend in this blog. What I will share are places that may be the best of the...day. Things change, we move forward and sometimes backwards so do your own research before vacationing or possibly relocating.

We've tackled where to go for Families, Where NOT to go and now here's the "hot" list for everyone else, everyone else being singles, couples and groups with an emphasis on safety for people of color.

On a side note, recently I was in a discussion in one of the many travel groups that I'm a part of and a woman of color, Black, asked about going to Russia solo and if she would have any issues with racism. Another young lady who apparently resided there said "There is no racism" in Russia.

She said there is no racism in Russia.

There's a reason why there are blogs/articles like this one. With that being said ...let's go!

We rated the below on 3 merits:

1. LGBTQI Laws/Safety

2. Economy

3. Opinion

1. Iceland - Did I show you the pic of the rainbow road in Iceland? Did you know that in 1990 a woman, who is also a Lesbian, was elected Prime Minister? Do either of those random things indicate that it's a nice safe place to visit? In this case yes. I had one of the greatest trips ever here. I felt safe being black, being gay and being a woman. Add that to the beauty of this wonderful country and Iceland should not be missed in your travel journeys. *Iceland hosts the worlds largest "smallest" gay pride every summer.*

2. Portugal - Cousin to Spain (don't hit me) and great in regards to LGBTQI rights. Is there racism? Yep. Will you experience it while visiting, doubtful once you open your mouth or just be "American". You will also more than likely see people that look like you, a cousin or two. Enjoy.

3. Canada - Canada has free healthcare, Tim Hortons and so so safety for LGBTQI POC. I say so so because lets be honest there is racism in Canada and they will see your skin first, who you are sleeping with next. Like Portugal, enjoy. Be observant but enjoy.

4. Spain - We really enjoyed Barcelona. Held hands, even kissed without thinking about it in public. Two things I've thought about here in the good ole US of A more than once. We also walked our "local" neighborhood late almost every night we were there with no issues or even a feeling of this might not be the best. Well one time but that was after realizing we were the only ones out. The streets sorta rolled up after 10pm, which baffled us after reading all the articles about Spain's "night life". Don't believe the hype and beware of pickpockets.

5. Parts of SE Asia - I say parts as similar to parts of the US, some are okay and others you shouldn't let your shadow see.

-Thailand - I know POC who are living there best life there plus they are set to legalize same-sex civil unions

-Cambodia-We are moving here for a number of reasons, safety being one.

-Taipei - I've read great things about this country so I'm adding it. Will let you know about our experience soon.

6. South Africa - If you want to be out and proud on the Continent then this is the country to do it in. Barely. Don't try this anywhere else on the Continent. Looking at you Ghana and your invite to come home, I don't believe you.

7. Costa Rica has long been a queer vacation paradise and quite accepting of black expats, with quite a few LGBTQI numbering amongst them. There are a number of other friendly countries in Central America to include Belize & Panama. If you've been to either and felt "comfortable" drop us a line.

8. French Polynesia is one of the most welcoming, friendly and inclusive along with beautiful Islands. In French Polynesia, no laws against same-sex sexual activity have ever existed and LGBTI people are afforded all the same rights as heterosexual people. The concepts of gender identity here are also very different to western culture, and Tahitian culture actually recognizes a third gender called ‘Rae Rae’ – meaning ‘men who are raised as women’. This makes this a perfect destination for everyone and especially perfect for same-sex couples looking for a romantic getaway, wedding or honeymoon destination where they can be open about who are.

9. U.S.A - Most major cites are decent to good for LGBTQI but if you are of color I would lean toward Atlanta & D.C., maybe Detroit. Please don't suggest any city on the west coast, I don't believe you.

Greece - Honorable mention to Greece. We had no issues. Not a one while there. No second guessing on holding hands or other forms of PDA. And like Spain we were in those streets at all times of night. Don't tell our moms.

As always a disclaimer, this is our list. Feel free to disagree in the comments.


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And yes that's the Great Wall of China...I liked the umbrella.

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